Eufy Spaceview Pro Baby Monitor Review
By Ana Hammer

Eufy Spaceview Pro Baby Monitor Review

The Eufy Spaceview Pro baby monitor is one of those products you keep seeing in ads till you feel compelled to try it, but does it live up to its marketing hype?

The monitor offers a myriad of impressive features that go beyond traditional baby monitors, and it’s one of the best I’ve ever tried. Whether you prioritize high-quality videos, long battery life, or ease of use, you’ll find them all in the Eufy monitor. Still, it doesn’t come without cons.

In this article, I’ll give you an honest and thorough Eufy Spaceview Pro baby monitor review to help you come to a purchasing decision. By the end of reading this, you’ll know whether it’s a piece of art or another over-glorified product by marketing!

Eufy Spaceview Pro in a Nutshell

After trying it for a long while, I can honestly say that only a few monitors compete with the Eufy Spaceview Pro. The monitor comes with a 30-hour battery and a 5-inch colorful display to help you watch your baby as long as possible. It also comes with night vision, doesn’t need WiFi to work, and has a distance range of up to 1,000 feet.


  • Works without WiFi, eliminating the risk of online hacks
  • Wide-angle, high-quality camera
  • Zooming option available on the display
  • Two-way audio communication is available
  • Pan-and-tilt camera
  • Easy to install and use


  • Pricer than the average non-WiFi monitor
  • Lacks a nightlight option

A Breakdown of All Eufy Spaceview Pro’s Features

Now, let’s delve into all the features and functionalities that make the Eufy Spaceview Pro what it is.

Operating Method

The Eufy Spaceview Pro monitor comes in two pieces: a wide-angle camera and a colorful 5-inch display. Both devices connect through radio frequencies without the need for WiFi, which is ideal for houses without a stable internet connection.

The monitor comes ready to use out of the box, and it’ll take you less than a minute to set it up. To improve safety against hackers and radio frequency interferences, the camera sends videos to the display through secure wireless FHSS transmission. You can learn more about how baby monitors work in my How Do Baby Monitors Work guide!

Video and Audio Quality

The Eufy monitor’s display shows crisp-clear 720p videos. They aren’t as detailed as 1080p videos, but the quality is more than enough to enjoy watching your baby while sleeping. The display has a 2x zooming option that you can try to see your baby up close. However, it reduces the quality and makes it a bit more fuzzy.

Better yet, the monitor has a pan-and-tilt camera that you can adjust to the angle you want. It tilts 110 degrees up and down and 330 degrees right and left.

Video and Audio Quality

This makes it easier for you if you put the monitor on a surface, not a wall mount. You’ll be able to see your baby as if the monitor is mounted on the wall without moving it an inch from the table it’s on. I personally loved this feature because I like having a wide view of my baby without mounting the camera on the wall.

As for the audio quality, it’s not the best I’ve heard among baby monitors, but it’s still pretty decent for a non-WiFi monitor. You can hear your baby’s cries clearly and identify different noises, but it isn’t what you’d call ‘pure’.

Mounting Options

This monitor’s mounting options are one of the rare features that set it back behind its competitors. I like having flexible mounting options, which the Eufy Pro doesn’t have. You can either set it on a nearby surface or hang it on the wall using the mount that comes with it.

Mounting Options

There isn’t a floor stand option, and Eufy’s wall mount isn’t the most flexible, so you can’t get a bird-eye view of the crib. While this feature isn’t a deal-breaker, I’d like to see more mounting options in the future.


One of my favorite features about this monitor is its outstanding battery performance. It comes with a 5,200 mAh battery that lasts a long time without dying.

If you set the monitor to default mode and check up on your baby only as needed, it can stay alive for up to 30 whopping hours. Meanwhile, if you use it more excessively and keep checking up on the display, it’ll stay for about 12 hours.

As a person who prefers plugged-in monitors, because I hate it when a battery dies on me unexpectedly, I admit this monitor nearly changed my mind because of how sturdy its battery is.

Two-Way Audio Communication

Another feature I loved in the Eufy Pro monitor is the two-way audio communication between the camera and the display. Suppose you’re sitting in your room, and you want to soothe your baby with a few words till they sleep again. You can talk through the display in your hand, and they’ll hear your voice through the camera in the nursery.

Night Vision

Many experts recommend that babies sleep in complete darkness so that they get used to sleeping through the night. If you want to follow this piece of advice, you’ll be glad to know that the Eufy Spaceview Pro has superb night vision.

Night Vision

The camera captures videos in the dark as excellently as it does in the light, so you’ll be able to see every detail in the nursery without an issue. Since I’ve tried monitors with and without this option, I can comfortably say that its presence should be a priority for all new parents.

Lullaby Player

This feature is more luxurious than necessary, but I loved having it. The Eufy monitor comes with five installed lullabies that you can play for your child. You get to choose the one you want from the display, and it automatically plays on the camera in the nursery.

Lullaby Player

These lullabies can do wonders to help your baby sleep faster, and having this option in a monitor saves you the money of buying a separate white noise player.

Ease of Use

I found the Eufy Spaveview Pro monitor insanely easy to use, especially when compared to WiFi monitors. WiFi monitors come with a lot of hassle, and most of them have applications that you need to sign up to, and then check for sleep reports, vitals tracking, etc. Now, for a parent who only wants a basic monitor, these details can be overwhelming.

On the other side, the Eufy monitor comes with labeled buttons on the display that you can use to move the camera in different directions, activate two-way communication, and visit the menu.

On top of that, the display turns dark on its own if you don’t use it for a minute. I like this feature because it saves battery life and makes it last longer.

In my opinion, this monitor’s ease of use makes it a perfect choice for grandparents and non-technology enthusiasts.

Distance Range

The Eufy Pro monitor and display can sit as far away from each other as 1,000 feet. While this distance might not seem as much as some WiFi monitors allow, it’s a decent number for non-WiFi monitors. It gives you the freedom to sit in a faraway room for as long as your baby is sleeping. Best of all, the video quality doesn’t go down as you walk further from the camera.

User Manual

The Eufy Spaceview Pro monitor comes with an excellent user manual for first-time parents. It tells you what should be in the package, explains each button and feature on the monitor, and tells you how to set it up in detail.

The manual also includes all the options you’ll find when you click on the Menu button on the display. Upon doing so, you’ll be able to adjust the screen’s brightness, set a sound alert, play lullabies, and more.

Multi-Camera Usage

The Eufy display can take up to four cameras at once, which means you can watch all of your children in different rooms on the same device. Of course, you’ll have to buy extra cameras, but I think the convenience of watching all your babies at once is worth every cent!

Warranty and Customer Support

The Eufy Spaceview Pro monitor comes with a 12-month limited warranty. If you find any manufacturing defects during this period, you can contact the company, and they’ll compensate you accordingly.

As for customer support, Eufy provides an e-mail for its customers where they can contact the support team in case of a problem. Luckily, I didn’t face any issues while using it, so I didn’t have to contact them. However, I read online reviews about how helpful and friendly they are.

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Common Questions Asked by Parents!

Is the Eufy Spaceview Pro Baby Monitor Worth It?

The Eufy Spaceview Pro baby monitor is an ideal choice if you don’t have a stable internet connection in your house and want a large distance range. It comes carrying all the necessary features, along with a few luxurious ones for your own fun.

However, I admit it’s pricier than average, so if your budget is limited, it wouldn’t hurt to check other options. The one I recommend is the HelloBaby Upgrade non-WiFi monitor.

What Is Included in the Eufy Spaceview Pro Baby Monitor Package?

The package includes a camera, display, wall mount, camera adapter, display adapter, wide-angle lens, user manual, two power cables, and some mounting screws.

Do the Eufy Spaceview Pro Camera and Display Come Paired? Or Will I Have to Pair Them?

The Eufy Spaceview Pro camera and display come paired, so you won’t need to take any extra steps to set them up. However, if you purchase an extra camera, you’ll have to pair it to the display through the Menu button. You’ll find the exact steps in the monitor’s user manual.

Conclusion: Does the Eufy Spaceview Pro Baby Monitor Live Up to the Hype?

The Eufy Spaceview Pro baby monitor definitely lives up to the hype. I loved using it because of its hassle-free performance, crisp video quality, and shockingly long battery life. I also appreciate the easy user manual because it made setting up the monitor a breeze.

Having said that, I still think it needs some improvements, like more flexible mounting options and a purer sound quality. I also wish it had a nightlight option because it comes in handy for babies who fear the dark.
Overall, I’d get the Eufy monitor again if I’m looking for a non-WiFi monitor. If you don’t agree with me and want to look at more options, check out my Best Baby Monitors guide!

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