Miku Pro Review
By Ana Hammer

Miku Pro Review

Designed to provide unparalleled peace of mind, the Miku Pro smart baby monitor redefines the way parents look out for their little ones. It combines cutting-edge technologies with basic parenting features to give you a baby guardian angel.

But is it worth the hype and the over-the-top price? And what should you make of the product recalls that the brand announced a few months ago? In this review, I’ll go through the Miku Pro’s features one by one and tell you my honest opinion about it and my take on its recalls, so follow along!

Miku Pro in a Nutshell

The minute I used the Miku Pro baby monitor, I knew it was a game-changing device. The package includes a smart camera, a wall stand, and all the tools needed to mount them on a wall.

The monitor operates over WiFi and packs all the necessary and luxurious features you might need, like night vision, two-way audio communication, and multiple camera expandability. However, its selling point and shining star feature is the ability to track your baby’s breathing rate without the need for any wearable parts.


  • Unlimited distance range
  • Intuitive and easy-to-navigate app that you download on your phone
  • Provides a 140-degree view of the nursery
  • Pinch-to-zoom option available
  • Protects against hacking by locally processing the recorded data instead of over the internet
  • Includes sensors for temperature, humidity, light, and sound
  • Sleep-tracking graphs and charts available on the app


  • Pricier than the average baby monitor
  • No nightlight option is available

A Breakdown of All Miku Pro’s Features

The Miku Pro comes packing a myriad of features, but are they all useful? Below, I’ll give you my honest opinion of each one. And if you want to know the most important features to consider when buying a monitor, check out my How to Choose the Right Baby Monitor guide!

Operating Method

The Miku Pro monitor operates on WiFi, but it doesn’t come with a parent unit. Instead, you’ll need to download its companion app on your phone and use it to watch your baby while sleeping.

For more freedom of movement, the camera and the phone don’t need to be connected to the same network. So, suppose you’re out and want to check on your baby, you can do so through the phone after connecting it to any nearby WiFi network.

Operating Method

However, having both devices on the same WiFi has its pros, as the camera will send videos to your phone even if the internet connection is lost.

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Video and Audio Quality

The Miku Pro camera delivers crisp-quality 1080p videos to your phone with a pinch-to-zoom option. So, if you want to see your baby up close, you can use two fingers to zoom the view on your phone. It also provides a bird-eye, 140-degree view of the crib, so you won’t miss any action going on around!

As for the audio quality, the camera is equipped with an advanced Ole Wolff dual-speaker that produces clear sounds. You can use it to talk to your baby or play soothing lullabies.

Mounting Options

There are two mounting options you can try with the Miku Pro camera, putting it on a nearby surface or mounting it on the wall.

That said, the camera only tracks your baby’s breathing rate accurately if mounted on the wall and put in a bird-eye position over the crib. Because of this, Miku sends you all the tools you need to install the wall mount and the camera. You’ll find a screwdriver, cable guide, measuring tapes, wall anchors and screws, and a power cord.

Mounting Options

If you don’t have enough wall space available to mount the monitor, Miku has you covered with a floor stand, but you’ll have to buy it separately.

I personally loved how the monitor comes with all the mounting tools because it spared me the costs of buying them elsewhere, so I give this Miku Pro feature a 10/10 rating.

Tracking Capabilities

One of the Miku Pro’s most prominent features is its tracking capabilities. It’s equipped with cutting-edge SensorFusion technology that utilizes five sensors for different metrics. The monitor tracks your baby’s movement, breathing rate, room temperature, sound, light, and more. 

The reason Miku uses this fusion of sensors is to reduce false alarms and deliver as many accurate readings as possible, which I have to say is an excellent feature.

Best of all, the monitor is capable of contact-free breathing monitoring, which is ideal for fussy babies who keep wiggling out of tracking socks or bands.

One sensor that impressed me is the ambient light sensor. It captures the light condition in your baby’s room and informs you through the app whether it’s suitable for sleeping. I find this feature pretty handy, especially for first-time parents who don’t know whether babies should sleep in low light or complete darkness.

Companion App

My experience with the Miku app wasn’t the best because it kept glitching, but the word is it’s miles better now.

First off, the app is easy to navigate with a user-friendly interface. Upon opening it, you’ll see your baby sleeping and their breathing rate written beneath the video. At the bottom of the screen, you have four options: Monitor, Analytics, Activity, and Settings.

The Monitor tab is the homepage, while the Analytics tab is purely for informational purposes. It provides reports about your baby’s sleeping habits, helping you track it more closely.

Companion App

For instance, it tells you how many times your baby slept through the day, how much they moved while sleeping, and their breathing rate throughout the entire day. It also tells you the average wakeup time, bedtime, onset, and night sleep duration.

The Activity tab has all the notifications the app sends you throughout the day, while the Settings tab can be used to adjust the volume levels, night vision, background audio, etc. The background audio point is important because it ensures you can hear your baby throughout the phone even if you use other loud applications, like TikTok or Instagram.

My favorite point about this application is that it requires no subscription, and you get access to all the necessary features without paying an extra cent. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case for many other WiFi monitors I tried.

Care+ App

Care+ is an elite app that Miku released a short time ago. Unlike the companion app, this one requires a subscription. I admit it has some useful features for first-time parents, like personalized sleeping tips. However, I didn’t feel compelled to pay for it since the other app included all the essential features I needed.

Care+ also gives you unlimited video storage and sends you weekly emails about your baby’s sleep quality.

No Battery

The Miku Pro works using electricity, so it doesn’t come with rechargeable batteries. Instead, it comes with a power cable and supply that you should connect to an outlet near your crib.

For me, this feature was a bit controversial. I appreciate that I don’t have to worry about a battery dying on me and waiting for it to charge. However, my nursery doesn’t have many electrical outlets, so I had to change the place of the crib to put it next to one.

Extra Features

Some features aren’t essential in a baby monitor, but their presence can make your life much easier. Luckily, the Miku Pro doesn’t lack those!

Night Vision

If you want to train your baby to sleep in complete darkness, you’ll be glad to know that the Miku Pro comes with night vision. It can show you a clear visual output of your baby without needing a glimmer of light.

Multi-Camera Option

I didn’t get to test this feature because I only bought one Miku Pro camera, but I think it’s useful. If you have more than one child, you can buy more Miku cameras, set them all up in different rooms, and view their output on a single screen on your phone. You can use up to eight cameras on the same phone.

Multi-Camera Option

My only issue with this feature is that the Miku Pro is already expensive, so buying more of it seems pretty inconvenient for limited budgets.

Two-Way Communication

The Miku Pro camera allows two-way communication, which means you can talk to your baby through it. Suppose you don’t want to leave the warmth of your bed, and your child is old enough to calm down just from hearing your voice. You can talk through the phone, and the baby will hear through the camera.

Lullaby Playing

The Miku camera comes with an already-installed playlist of soothing lullabies and white noise that can help your baby relax and fall asleep faster. I found this feature superb because it saved me the cost of buying a separate white noise player.

Protection Against Hacking

In my opinion, protection against hacking is where the Miku Pro beats all of its competitors. The camera transmits audio and video locally instead of over the internet, eliminating the risk of hacking through the WiFi network. It’s also equipped with a tamper-proof chip that keeps your recorded data safe, and in the case that someone hacks the camera, the chip will erase all of it.

Since hacking is a problem I’m seeing more often in WiFi video monitors, I appreciate these security measures and think they’re worth every cent paid for this device.


The Miku Pro smart baby monitor comes with a one-year warranty. If you find any manufacturing defects during this time, Miku will compensate you without extra costs. It also comes with a 45-day satisfaction guarantee, which is a longer period than many other brands allow.


A few months ago, Miku received a lot of complaints about Pro monitors that suddenly stopped working. After investigations, the manufacturers found that a firmware update that happened on November 15, 2022, consumed the monitors’ entire memory by fault, so the devices stopped functioning properly.

The issue is limited to the devices that received this update between the date of its release and April 10, 2023, so you’re safe if you haven’t bought your monitor yet.


To compensate the affected customers, Miku promised to replace every non-working monitor with a brand new one. You can learn more about this issue here.

While Miku acted in a timely and proper fashion to fix this issue, I’m still not comfortable with the idea of buying a new one when such a problem is possible. It’s one of the priciest baby monitors on the market, so I shouldn’t worry about it dying out of anywhere.

Questions Asked Commonly by Parents!

Will a Blanket Stop the Miku Pro From Tracking My Baby’s Breathing Rate?

No, it won’t. Miku Pro is manufactured using advanced tracking technologies that can monitor your baby’s breathing rate even if they’re covered with a blanket.

Is the Miku Pro a Medical Device?

No, the Miku Pro monitor isn’t a medical device, and no doctor will ever recommend using it as one. Tracking your child’s breathing rate using a baby monitor is a precautionary measure to give you peace of mind. However, you shouldn’t depend on it if your baby has breathing concerns. There are specialized medical devices for these instances.

The Final Verdict: Is the Miku Pro Smart Baby Monitor Worth It?

After trying many baby monitors on the market, I can honestly say that the Miku Pro gives its competitors a run for their money. There’s no denying it’s overpriced for a baby monitor, but I found all of its features useful and easy to use.

My personal favorites are the extra security against hacking and the out-of-this-world tracking capabilities. Using the Miku Pro, you’ll be able to enjoy every second with your little bundle of joy, knowing their breathing rate is healthy and their sleeping quality is up to par.

Still, I don’t think you should stretch your budget too far to get it. If you want more affordable and equally competent options, you can check out the Eufy SpaceView Pro baby monitor or the Cubo AI camera.
If you want more options, check out my Best Baby Monitors buying guide!

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